Game over, insert coin.

So they have finally ended! My exams have finally ended. Words can not describe my joy right now. You can’t relate to this feeling of freedom until and unless you’re an Indian student.
The night before my last exam, I could not sleep. No, not because I had an exam. It was because I was so excited and happy and just..happy. It’s been 24 hours now, and here I am lying on my bed trying to decide where to start from. Gosh, I probably had a million ideas during the exams but now I’m just blank. Wow. I hope this happens with everyone and not just me.
ANYWAYS, now I have almost 2 months  of doing nothing. So I’m going to start writing and posting stuff here. Plus I may also just start a new blog where I would only post the photographs I click. (I’m planning to start creating a portfolio sort of)
And whoever is reading this, I would love it if you could write some things I could do over these 2 months besides the usual gym or running etc.

God, I’m SO happy right now.

To 2015, the year that is going to change it all.

So it’s already 1st January in India so happy new year everyone! What I’m doing is unbelievable. Till now, I’ve never really kind of “reviewed” the past year or write about the beginning of a new year and what I plan to do. Last time I did that I think I was in the 5th grade, and my new year resolutions were mostly “I will eat all vegetables, I won’t trouble my mom” etc etc.

This time it’s different. I’m going to be 18 in 2015, in another 4 months basically. I’m going to graduate school and will be joining college. It’s a major chapter of my life, I guess. And I’m really happy to FINALLY start a new chapter.

I really feel like reviewing 2014 now. Damn it.

2014 was better than all the other years I guess when it comes to self satisfaction and content. I might sound pretentious but it’s only when I reached the 12th grade I kind of made peace with myself, and others around me. Till grade 11 I was always trying to do stuff that others were. Either it was that or I was complaining about how life sucks in general. Last year, I actually stopped caring for anyone but my family and my friends. I became confident I guess. I stopped trying to get people to like me or to make friends of a ‘particular’ type, and in this process I found the ones who really matter to me. Life has it own ways.

Whoa I just went almost philosophical there.

Let’s talk about 2015. There’s one word to describe my attitude towards 2015 : excitement. Wait, I have more words – eagerness, curiosity, fear, liberty and..yep that’s it. I’ll be giving my board examinations in March which are another level important. It’s basically the exams on the basis of which I’ll get a college. And I want a good college. Who doesn’t?

College college college. I guess everyone was excited about it? And nervous too. It makes me happy ( genuinely) thinking what all I can do next year. I can finally take up my hobby of debating at college level. I can finally compile a portfolio of the photographs I click. I can finally drive! I can now consume alcohol (my parents said I can even consume alcohol with them once I’m 18 say whaaaa). I can take up certain issues.. Basically certain projects to a better level. And I may also finally start a photo blog!

Now I’m thinking this was a useless post and I’m really tempted to delete it.
Will probably bore everyone with my excitement after March. This is my last post before my examinations start, (that just sounded so..funny. It’s as if I’m going on a mission, oh wait it is one. Mission score well and get St. Stephens college in Delhi)

Anyways, happy new year guys! Don’t make resolutions because you can make them anytime of the year (am I right or am I right)

Cheers (thanks would be too formal and bye bye would be too conversational)

How about ‘the end’?

The end.

(Someone please suggest me ways to end posts)

A fresh start, again.

I just spent 15 minutes deleting all my previous posts. They seemed senseless to me. Most of them were. I’m still in the phase of figuring out what I want to write about. I can’t do poetry, nor can I write philosphical articles. Maybe because I don’t know what I want to write about, I haven’t told any of my friends about this. Neither have I made my name public, nor have I shared this on Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes, I have these moments when I really feel like writing. About anything, literally. Maybe I just got to know about something and I want to express my thoughts about it? Something in the newspaper? Something in my life?

Okay so how about this, I write whatever comes to my mind, and whenever. No high level vocabulary used, no quotes nothing. (okay maybe a few of my favourite quotes)

And it’s cool to keep a secret identity, I guess. It sucks because if you don’t know where I’m from, there’s a very little possibility of you relating to my experiences or thoughts. So here’s a little hint : I’m from India and I’m about to turn 18 in a few months.

Yes I think this much information is suitable.

I also think no one reads my blog, so if you do, feel free to comment!

This is the end of this post now. (See I don’t even know how to end it, should I use a quote? Bleh)

*insert quote*