Game over, insert coin.

So they have finally ended! My exams have finally ended. Words can not describe my joy right now. You can’t relate to this feeling of freedom until and unless you’re an Indian student.
The night before my last exam, I could not sleep. No, not because I had an exam. It was because I was so excited and happy and just..happy. It’s been 24 hours now, and here I am lying on my bed trying to decide where to start from. Gosh, I probably had a million ideas during the exams but now I’m just blank. Wow. I hope this happens with everyone and not just me.
ANYWAYS, now I have almost 2 months  of doing nothing. So I’m going to start writing and posting stuff here. Plus I may also just start a new blog where I would only post the photographs I click. (I’m planning to start creating a portfolio sort of)
And whoever is reading this, I would love it if you could write some things I could do over these 2 months besides the usual gym or running etc.

God, I’m SO happy right now.


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